Human Resource refer to the individuals or personnel or workforce within an organisation responsible for performing the tasks given to them for  the purpose of achievement of goals and objectives of the organisation which is possible only through proper recruitment and selection, providing proper orientation an induction, training, skill developments, proper assessment of employees ( performance appraisal ), providing appropriate compensation and benefits, maintaining proper labour relations and ultimately maintaining safety, welfare and health concern of employees, which is  process  of the human resource management.  

Human Resources Daily Quote

Human Resource Management has  evolved from Personnel Management  

The Robert Owen had raised the demand for  ten-hour day in year 1810, and instituted it in his New Lanark cotton mills. By 1817 he had formulated the goal of the 8-hour day and coined  slogan 8 hours labour, 8 hours recreation, 8 hours full rest. 

Women and children in the England were granted the ten-hour day in 1847. The  8-hour day movement forms part of the early history for the celebration of the Labour Day, and the May Day in many nations and cultures.

Father of 
Human Resource Development

Leonard Nadler, emeritus professor of George Washington University, was regarded as father of Human Resource Development.In the years of 1970s and 1980s, Nadler tirelessly advocated the HRD profession.  
Father of 
Personnel Management

Robert Owen >> 
(14 May 1771 – 
17 November 1858)
Father of 
Human Resource Management 

George Elton Mayo >> 
(26 December 1880 - 
7 September 1949)

The Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) are certifications offered by the Human Resource Certification Institute. They recognize those demonstrating mastery of strategic management; workforce planning and employment; human resource development; compensation and benefits; employee and labor relations; and occupational health, safety and security.

Introduction To Human Resource Management

Recruitment & Selection


Contemporary Issues

Training & Development

Mentoring & Counselling

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Human Resource Planning

Job Analysis
Job Design
Methods or Techniques of Job Design

Performance Management
Methods of Performance Management (Refer Performance Appraisal Methods)
  • Comparison Method
  • Rating Methods
  • Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS)
  • Management By Objectives
  • 3600 Performance Appraisal

Employee Separations 
Quality Circles
Problem Solving Tools Used by Quality Circles,

Employee Discipline

Sexual Harassment

Strategic HRM

Compensation or Reward Management

Variable pay Plans >>

More organizations are replacing their annual salary increases and holiday bonuses with pay-for-performance plans. According to HR consulting firm Hewitt Associates, 78% of American companies use some form of variable pay plan to reward employees based on performance with the main incentive of aligning employee actions with corporate goals and objectives.


Employee Benefits



Wages or Salary (Indian context)

Regulatory Mechanisms in Industrial Relations

Trade Unions
Trade Union in British English or labor union in American English.
Labor Unions in USA >>

Human Resource Information Systems

Labour Laws in INDIA

(Latest Amendments included)

HRM linkage with Labour laws >>