9 Best Ways To Manage a Remote Working Team For Beginners
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As things stand, it looks like remote working and teams will only increase in quantity. Working remotely has many advantages. For many, it boosts productivity and happiness.

With that being said, it is vital to know how to manage a remote team properly. If not properly managed, communication channels can break down. This will harm productivity and interpersonal relationships.

Manage your team effectively

Managing your team effectively is very important if your remote team is to succeed. If you are not communicating regularly and efficiently, it could result in a breakdown of productivity and operations.

Regular communication is necessary, properly more so than compared to a traditional office-based work environment. If you don’t communicate effectively, there is a chance that an employee could do something totally wrong or slack off completely.

Make sure that their tasks are explained to them properly. Make contact with team members every few days to make sure that they are happy.

Try and create flexible working hours

One of the biggest advantages of remote teams is that they often allow for flexible working hours.

Most people have specific times during the day when they function best. Some people function and work best during the day. Others work best at night.

Set reasonable targets for what you want to be achieved by your employees. You should find out when they work at best and allow them to work at that time. It will keep them happy and thus boost productivity.

Ensure that workers have a high quality of work-life

It is important to treat your workers well if you want them to have a high level of output. Team members will lack motivation and struggle to achieve their maximum potential if they are not happy.

You should regularly ask your team members for advice on how the team environment can be improved. Most people feel valued when they know that their opinions are taken seriously. Granted, you don’t need to pander to everyone but if a lot of people are saying similar things, it is a sign that something needs to change.

You should ensure that you always give them reasonable deadlines. People are generally able to better focus if you give them fair deadlines. Some team members work well according to short deadlines, though some rush and produce sloppy work.

If you are running a high scale operation and have an unhappy worker, encourage them to visit a health and wellness coach.

Health and wellness coaches assist people with overcoming their problems and living a happy and healthy life.

Offer fair pay

Some people think that you can offer remote workers low pay. This is because they feel that the work only requires a few hours a day of productivity.

Employers are generally more motivated and reliable if they are compensated fairly. The best workers are also likely to demand fair compensation. Low compensation is likely to attract inexperienced applicants or those who have a poor reputation.

Ensure fair work hours

Only under extreme emergency circumstances should you require a team member to work more than eight hours per day.

As far as possible, try to limit their workload to six hours a day or less. The human mind can generally focus at an optimum level for 90 minutes before you start to lose focus.

Encourage your workers to take 30-minute breaks after every 90 minutes of work. This will refresh their minds and keep them motivated to get work done.

Check up on team members

If you can, try to also get to know your team members on a personal level. This will help you to form a connection with them and learn more about them.

Try and keep up with your team members. Encourage them to take time off if they are in a bad mental state.

People generally struggle to keep focused if they are in a poor mental state and their quality of work is impacted. If you manage to create a personal rapport with your staff members, they will likely be more honest with you about their personal situations.

The aim of every team leader should be to create an environment where team members are happy and where they will open up to you.

Reward your staff every now and then

There is no better way to make your staff happy then to reward them for good work. Did they exceed your expectations on a task? If so, you should consider giving them a tip ( at least 10% of the fee payable).

By doing this, your team members will also realize that you see their contributions as valuable. The mental benefit that they will get from the tip is more important than the monetary benefit.

Manage conflict constructively

Conflicts are part and parcel of working in teams. Remote teams are not exempt from conflict. Often people just do not have chemistry. Other times, there may be misunderstandings that lead to conflicts.

Another common problem associated with remote teams is that team members can have a high rate of absenteeism. It can be hard to keep track of them if they are not regularly in communication with other team members.

If team members are in conflict, you should take action and speak to them as soon as possible. Ensure that you listen to all parties involved.

You should also have a disciplinary process for high rates of absenteeism. This should be explained to all team members when they join the team or during their orientation session.

Create a work-life balance for team members

If you want maximum output from team members, it is important to keep them happy. You should create a separation between team members’ work and personal lives.

If you can avoid using social media tools such as Facebook and WhatsApp for work purposes. These applications are commonly used for social purposes. There is nothing more frustrating than getting a work-related message whilst you are at a party or a family reunion.

For work-related instant messaging, you can opt to use a tool such as Slack or Telegram.

It is now accepted that remote working is the future of work relationships. If you plan to run a successful business, it is vital to learn how to manage a remote working environment successfully.

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