Peformance Management

Methods of Performance Management (Refer Performance Appraisal Methods)
  • Comparison Method
  • Rating Methods
  • Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS)
  • Management By Objectives
  • 3600 Performance Appraisal
Performance Management Cycle

Performance management processes taking place in this cycle are:

Plan: agreeing objectives and competence requirements; identifying the behaviours required by the organisation; producing plans expressed in performance agreements for meeting objectives and improving performance; preparing personal development plans to enhance knowledge, skills and competence and reinforce the desired behaviours

Act: carrying out the work required to achieve objectives by reference to the plans and in response to new demands

Monitor: checking on progress in achieving objectives and responding to new demands; treating performance management as a continuous process - 'managing performance all the year round' - rather than an annual appraisal event

Review: holding a review meeting for a 'stocktaking' assessment of progress and achievements, and identifying where action is required to develop performance as a basis for completing the cycle by moving into the planning stage.