Advantages Of Training Program

1. Increased efficiency of employees:

An effective training programme can make the employees of the company work in an effective manner. With training people gain confidence and this confidence is seen in the output and results.

2. Reduced supervision:

An employee needs to be supervised when he works. When the employee has got sufficient training the amount of supervision required is less as mistakes are less. This reduces the workload of the supervisor.

3. Less amount of wastage:

The amount of wastage by an employee is reduced a lot due to training and therefore if we take an account of the amount of wastage we find that the company has saved a lot of money.

4. Reduced turnover:

Proper training improves chances of obtaining promotions and employees are happy because they have better opportunities Due to this their chances of leaving their current job reduces greatly thereby reducing employee turnover in the company.

5. Helps new employees in the organization:

Training always benefits employees whether old or new. In case of new employees, training helps them a lot . This is because new employees may not be aware of the functioning of the organization and training helps them to gain knowledge and insight into the working of the company.

6. Better labour –management relations:

Labour – management relations are very essential for any organization. When companies introduce training programs and prepare employees for future jobs and promotions they send out a message to the unions that they are interested in employee welfare. Due to this the unions also adopt a positive attitude and labour- management relations improve.

Advantages to an individual employee

1. Self-confidence:

Training leads to increase in employee self-confidence. The person is able to adjust to his work environment and doesn’t feel humiliated in front of his seniors. This confidence leads to chances of better efforts in the future from the employees.

2. Increased motivation levels:

Training brings positive attitude among employees and increases the motivation levels of the employees in the organization, thereby improving the results of the organization.

3. High rewards:

An effective training programme helps an employee to take the benefit of the rewards systems and incentives available in the company . Thus the employee is able to get these rewards , which in turn increases his motivation levels.

4. Group efforts:

An effective training programme not only teaches an employee how to do his work but also trains him to work as a part of the group. Thus training programmes improve group efforts

5. Promotion:

Effective training programmes increase performance and increase the chances of obtaining promotions. Many employees even opt for certain programmes so that they can help the employee to improve his chances of promotions and obtaining higher positions in the organization.