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Object of website :-

Exploring new dimension of HR subject by correlating with Labour laws, rule positions, Judgements and case laws of Supreme Court and High Courts so as share it with students around the world to impart practical knowledge.

Highlights of website:-

  • HR concepts with real-time examples which would be updated from time to time.

  • Articles published by various HR professionals from different countries.

  • Concepts with practical approach and relevant Judgements and case laws by Supreme Court and High Courts.

  • Emphasis on Labour laws with citations including latest and up to date amendments.

  • Credentials:-Website is being used as reference by many college and university students around the world for research purpose.

  • Books which used as reference can be found on Google Books search.


I feel happy to invite any suggestions, which contribute for betterment of the

Solicitation: Do not hesitate and feel free to state your opinion and suggestions, wherever you find mistakes that need to be rectified.

We also invite HR articles or other subject related information, which may be good examples or good interpretations - can be e-mailed. If Impressed, that will be posted with their details on this website.

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