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Diane Arthur's book "Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting and Orienting New Employees" is a how-to guide that equips HR professionals with the skills and tools to get the best people on board. The expanded, third edition of this HR classic includes sections on workplace diversity, electronic recruiting, competency-related interviewing and other recruiting techniques.

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Top Books Every HR Professional Should Read

Ashley Halsey - a professional writer at Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays.

Human Resources is a difficult field to navigate. Solving the problems and conflicts of people can, at times, seem like a near-impossible task. This is because no single issue is the same, each problem poses its own unique set of circumstances and grievances that need to be examined on a case by case basis. The difficulty in navigating the issues of people is made even more difficult because of the large amount of regulation, both internal and governmental, that determines how people are to be treated in the workplace. Because of this, HR professionals are constantly seeking resources to help them better resolve conflict in the workplace. Below is a list of books that every HR professional should consider reading at some point in the near future.

Human Works: Merging Technologies and People For The Workplace Of The Future: This book, written by Alexandra Levit, deals with a topic that many people may find overwhelming, the role of AI, Machine Learning, and Automated Workplaces. These technological advancements have created many changes that many have embraced and many have pushed back against. Managing a workforce amid a technological revolution can be very difficult.

Unleashing Capacity: The Hidden Human Resources: Unleashing Capacity, by Ria Trehan, is a book aimed at helping HR professionals advance their careers. For many in HR, so much emphasis can be put on developing techniques and tools for resolving conflicts that they forget to focus on their personal development.

Climbing the corporate ladder as an HR professional requires a level of tact and politics that go beyond simply adequately performing one’s duties. Unleashing Capacity is a quality read for those looking for guidance on the advancement of their careers.

Fundamentals Of HR Analytics: A Manual On Becoming HR Analytical: Being competent in analytics and data analysis has become crucial for HR professionals. “More and more, data models are being used to develop solutions to workplace issues as well as policy creation.”

Data analytics can be an intimidating field and many HR professionals do not know where to begin their journey into this area. Fundamentals of HR Analytics is an excellent resource to do just that and should have a place on every HR professionals shelf.

Investing In People: One often overlooked, or under-appreciated, aspect of an HR professionals job is determining which HR-related investments offer real value for the company. Investing In People offers real-world, practice, advice to HR professionals looking to make an investment in HR software, programs, or other materials.

Belonging At Work: Everyday Actions You Can Take To Cultivate An Inclusive Organization: The topic of workplace inclusion has never been more relevant than it is now. “We now understand that for someone to perform well at their job and operate at a high level of productivity they need to feel like they belong, or have a place, in the organization to which they belong.” writes Jeffrey Collins, an HR expert at Writinity and Researchpapersuk. This has become a major focus of HR over the last few years because of how highly inclusivity correlates with productivity. For those HR professionals who are looking to increase the level of workplace inclusivity Belonging At Work is an invaluable resource.

Technology Made Simple For The Tech Recruiter: Hiring for technical positions can be difficult and many HR professionals do not look forward to it. This is because of the ever-expanding nature of technology. “With each new technological advancement, numerous specific skills and talents are created that didn't exist before. This can make navigating the technical landscape difficult and intimidating for many.” writes Shane Corson, a tutor at DraftBeyond and Last Minute Writing.

Luckily, Technology Made Simple For The Tech Recruiter by Obi Ogbanufe is an excellent resource that gives the recruiter a top-notch technical skills primer in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. Anyone involved in tech recruiting should have this book as a reference guide during the hiring process.

Barbara Davison's book "How to Measure Human Resource Management" provides a proven method for accurately measuring the productivity of HR functions. This classic HR book offers a practical how-to guide for measuring intellectual capital, the effectiveness of the HR Web site, employee handbook, retirement and benefits information, and the impacts of HR call centers and service centers.

David Ulrich's international best seller "Human Resource Champions" challenges HR professionals to define their value or face the inevitable outsourcing of their function. Ulrich identifies the distinct roles of HR as strategic player, administrative expert, employee champion and change agent. He also shows HR managers how they can change, learn, move, and act faster than the competition.