Performance Appraisal at Pepsi-Cola International

Performance Appraisal at Pepsi-Cola International Pepsi-Cola International (PCI), with operations in over 150 countries, has devised a common performance appraisal system that focuses on motivating managers to achieve and maintain high standards of performance. Administrative consistency is achieved through the use of a performance appraisal system of five feedback mechanisms - instant feedback, coaching, accountability based performance appraisals, development feedback, and a human resource plan.

The common system provides guidelines for performance appraisal, yet allows for modification to suit cultural differences. For example, the first step of instant feedback is based on the principle that any idea about any aspect of the business or about an individual’s performance is raised appropriately and discussed in a sensitive manner.

The instant feedback message can be delivered in any culture; the important thing is not how it is done but that it is done. The purpose of instant feedback is always to improve business performance, not to criticize cultural styles. Using this system, PCI tries to balance the cultural and administrative imperatives of successful managing the performance of a diverse workforce.