How to Make Your Workplace Attractive to New Hires

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Do you want to build a successful company? Then, you needed to hire the best people to do the job.

However, competition for new talent can also be fierce. So, if you want to attract top talent in your industry and retain them, you need to create your office as attractive as possible.

Here are some easy things that your organization can do to make it more attractive to new hires:

Prioritize wellbeing and mental health

The first day of an employee can come with fears and anxieties, and the pandemic has added even more worries to the pile. Other than that, new hires may find it tricky to learn the ropes and establish a relationship with their colleagues.

Boosting their mental health and providing support is vital to attract and retain the best talent, and it's never more important.

Research has found out that a quarter of Gen Z say that the biggest downside of this pandemic is the negative impact on their mental health. According to a Deloitte study, 80% of respondents state well-being is very important to their organization’s success. 70% of employees even say that their sense of purpose is defined by their work. As the pressures inside and outside the workplace are growing, job hunters are keen to find companies that provide the wellbeing and support that they need.

Fortunately, many employees react to this by increasing the support they provide. According to research, 68% of employers who have introduced one new employee benefit their employees' mental and emotional health.

Make your message consistent

Your reputation is everything. What does this mean if you're an employer in a highly competitive job market?

It means that you should be prioritizing your branding. Your brand should show prospective hires why they want to work for you in the first place.

How does your company culture stand out? Culture is essential for organizations and their members.

Why do your employees come to work every day? Businesses need to understand the why's of their employees.

What do they look forward to? Motivation plays an important role for your employees; it's what pushes them to move forward.

What particular benefits do they enjoy? Ask your employees what perks do they appreciate the most.

For instance, you might find that employees like the collaborative working environment in your company, or they particularly adore community involvement in team activities.

By answering these questions, you can start to build your employer brand and, as a result, make your company a much more attractive place to work.

Invest in the latest technology

Investing in the latest technology is key if you're working with a remote team. You need to help new hires stay connected with the rest of the team. Therefore, the technology your business uses to communicate and collaborate is vital.

It would be best if you showed your staff that you're willing to embrace the latest technology out there and adapt to new ways of working. You might risk frustrating your employees and sending them running to more agile and innovative employers by failing to do so.

Old ways of working can also turn away prospective hires, especially if they raise tech questions in the interview process.

Maintain a clean environment

The state of your office can impact how a prospective employee will perceive your company.

The moment they enter the office for an interview, they'll be looking around and observing your office environment. They'll be noticing things like poor lighting, dirty, cluttered desks, which can give them potential red flags not to work for you.

Ensure that you keep the clutter to a minimum. The last thing you want is a top talent not wanting to work for you because you don't have a pristine workplace. That’s why it helps that you partner with great maid service NYC to make sure you create a clean office environment as much as possible.

Provide workplace flexibility

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In the same way, you should offer workplace flexibility to employees. You can offer benefits like working remotely, better work-life options, and flexitime. In fact, according to data by Glassdoor, 86% of employees like to work remotely, even if it’s part-time, as soon as physical offices start opening.

We are now living in a world where we're shifting from the more traditional office environment, and compensation models aren't as appealing as they appear to be. So, make sure that you show your employees that you value flexibility and work-life balance as much as they do.

Flexibility may mean letting them work remotely a couple of times per week or allowing them to move in a more open office space environment.

Know your company's mission and values

What are your organization's most important skills or values? Once you identify them, make sure you fill this position around those needs, rather than just hiring an employee to replace another.

Candidates will have an easier time assessing their fit with your company if you're clear about its mission and values from the onset. Moreover, they'll feel more engaged and are more likely to flourish if they think their values align with the company they work for.

You need to know your company's value proposition and your target audience. Recruiting is almost the same as selling, so you need to know your organization's selling points.

Create a purpose-driven culture

The best potential hires are driven, committed, and highly engaged with their work. The driving force behind this dedication is a sense of purpose.

Purpose-driven individuals put more meaning in their efforts, and they feel dedicated and work harder, if not better. One of the most important things you need to do to attract high-quality hires is to build a company culture that provides employees with a sense of purpose.

How do you do that? It would help if you focused on what rather than on the why. You can consider letting top talent know what their job means to the organization, your customers, and your communities.

The more you build a purpose-driven culture, the more you can create a desirable workplace that top talents will be drawn to and a workplace that they may want to stay.

That's because everyone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves. If you're successful in bringing this sense of fulfillment to your team, employees will be loyal to you and would not want to leave.

Implement training and development programs

Another crucial part of attracting top talent is training and development programs.

Passionate employees want to develop themselves, upgrade their current skills, and learn more. That's why you must include programs that allow them to upgrade their skills or expand their knowledge.

Diversify your workplace

It's also great if you have an open-minded workspace with minimal conflict, and almost everyone gets along with each other all the time. Ideally, it would help if you strived to build a diverse workplace—ideally, different thinkers from contradictory backgrounds.

Not only will this eliminate the risk of group thinking, but it also ensures to keep ideas fresh. This working environment will also help you attract more unique individuals, making the workplace more quirky and interesting.

Offer competitive benefits and perks

You can also offer employees the flexibility to work remotely. This flexibility is highly attractive to many candidates across various industries.

You might also want to tap into other connections and resources that support your employees' wellness and financial security outside of the workplace.

While you might be unable to provide the same benefits as your bigger counterparts, you might want to creatively mirror what they have to offer to remain more competitive.

Create a caring culture

If you're a smaller, growing business, you might sometimes find it challenging to compete with larger companies' resources.

To make your company a more attractive place to work, you must focus on things that can make a difference. Make sure that you take time to listen to your staff's concerns and know what you need to do to make their working and personal lives much better.

Your company's caring culture will strongly pull prospective new hires.

Create an employee communications policy

Businesses need to Create a communications policy to effectively communicate with employees so that your managers and supervisors can effectively communicate.

This kind of open communication allows your employees and managers to discuss ideas or future changes that might happen. High-performing workers should also seek companies who embrace good communication and talk with employees constantly.

Treat your employees with respect

Finally, it would help if you treated your employees with respect. Ensure that you honor their contributions and voices and foster their own interests, talents, and individual differences.

Employees will feel less motivated to work without respect. But if you acknowledge employees, their effort and commitment to work in your company will be so much higher.

By setting positive morale in the workplace, you'll be able to attract and retain high-quality employees who will value your company more.

Over to You

So there you have it. At the end of the day, if you want to build a successful business, then attracting the right talent and people to your company is essential. Not only will it make your workplace more attractive overall, but you can better position yourself for success in the process.

So make sure that you build a company that employees would want to work for and enjoy doing so. Good luck!