Surefire Ways to Build Employer Brand through Social Media

Employer branding is one of the essential factors in recruiting top candidates. Its importance for recruitment is also proven by statistics:

    • 84% of job applicants say that a company’s reputation as an employer influences their decision

    • 9 out of 10 job seekers apply only if an employer’s brand is actively maintained

    • negative reputation as an employer brand can increases cost per hire by 10%

The importance of employer branding is hard to deny. But how will the potential job candidates know that you are an awesome employer?

The answer is social media. Job seekers often visit social media accounts of companies they would like to work for. And, social platforms can be a perfect solution to showcase your employer brand.

So, today, we’re going to take a look at three effective tips to do employer branding through social media to attract top talent and establish yourself as the top employer in your niche.

1. Introduce Your Employees

In the eyes of a potential job candidate, a good employer is the one that praises the employees. Think about it – if 64% of consumers stop buying from a brand because it treats employees badly, who should a job candidate stick around?

But here’s a dilemma. You may reward your employees with different benefits, remuneration, or simply praise their achievements. But it’s very unlikely that your job candidates will know how you cherish your employees unless you show that on social media.

It’s not necessary to streamline employee praise posts on your main social media account. Many successful companies use a specialized account for that. For instance, HubSpot has a separate Instagram account named HubSpot Life, where the brand features its employees:

Credit: HubSpot Life

Of course, it’s not enough to just post a random picture of your employee and tell a little story about them. If you decide to dedicate some social media content to employees, there should be a certain dynamic to it.

Here are some suggestions on how to introduce your employees on social media the right way:

    • Show the behind-the-scenes processes. Share a sneak peek of your employees working on current projects (like a daily Zoom meeting). This will give potential job candidates more insights into how your team approaches everyday work activities.

Credit: HubSpot Life

    • Promote diversity. In this day and age, diversity in the workplace is a must. If you invest in diversity as an employer, you will be more likely to attract qualified candidates. So, showcase your diverse teams proudly.

Credit: HubSpot Life

    • Prove that you’re accepting and open-minded. The right employee picture can show potential job candidates that your employees work in a safe environment, built on trust and understanding.

Credit: HubSpot Life

Showing your employees on social media is also an act of praise. And, it proves that your team trusts you and is dedicated to helping you build a successful employer brand.

2. Showcase the Work Environment

Potential job candidates have a very low chance of getting introduced to your work environment unless they come for an interview. Moreover, for many job applicants, your office life can be a deal-breaker – if they don’t like it or can’t find out about it, they won’t apply for the job.

So, showcasing the work environment can be a huge plus for your employer brand. And, much like with your employees, you can also show the behind-the-scenes office life on your social media.

Zappos is one of those companies that build their employer brand displaying its friendly work environment:

Credit: Zappos Culture

The image above is a great example of how to show the typical day in the office. The more you post content like this, the higher will be the chances that you’ll attract the right job candidates.

There are also many other ways to showcase your work environment. For instance, can give a sneak peek of how your product is made, show your team cramming on basic Spanish vocabulary during corporate training, or simply post the pictures of your office.

Your goal with displaying the work environment is to show that your employees have everything they need to do their job properly but also have some fun. Such posts will send a message to the job candidates that you are dedicated to creating a positive workspace for all your employees.

3. Broadcast Your Corporate Culture

Lastly, one more factor that impacts the success of your employer brand is how well you’ve built your corporate culture. Potential job candidates also few it as an important asset when evaluating employers – 46% of job seekers say corporate culture is very important when applying to a company.

How can you broadcast your corporate culture on social media?

You can introduce different elements of it. For instance, Google often posts its employees participating in different charities since it’s a big part of the brand’s corporate culture:

Credit: Life at Google

You can also make posts of your employees visiting conferences, bringing their kids to school, wearing casual clothes – everything that would showcase your organizational philosophy. This way, you’ll also be more likely to find like-minded potential job candidates.

Building Employer Brand through Social Media: Topic Recap

Employer brand is one of the most important aspects of recruitment. It can help you attract top talent and find job candidates that will be a good fit for your corporate culture.

Social media can be of great help when it comes to building an employer brand. And, to succeed at it, you need to employ the following tactics:

    • Introduce your team – show who’s working for you and how much you appreciate them.

    • Display your work environment – your job candidates need to know that you can offer them everything they need to do their job.

    • Broadcast corporate culture – the more you showcase your organizational values, the better job candidates you will attract.

Hopefully, our tips and examples will inspire you to build a successful employer brand through social media.

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