5 Keys To Inducting New Employees

When it comes to induction of new employees into your organisation, important thing is to make sure that every new starter (employee) feels excited and positive that they have made the right choice in joining your organisation. The way to do this is to:

1. Get The Practical Stuff Right

Make sure you have practical aspects available such as a desk, phone and computer system ready, with a password. Get their name and details added to your email system or have a uniform ready for them as appropriate.

Will they need business cards? Do they need a key or security pass to access the premises? Having everything ready and organised before they come shows you place a high value on the service you provide to your people as well as your customers; something that sets a very good tone with a new starter.

2. Have A Plan

Make sure there is some form or type of training employee/ induction plan that is ready before they start. Something you can physically give to them on their first day so that they are clear about what they will be doing over the first few days (or weeks). You may even choose to call them the few days before they join to confirm arrangements for the first day and tell them broadly about their induction plan before they join - they will feel less apprehensive about their first day in the new job and feel like a valued employee even before they have joined you.

3. Inspire Them

In the first week, it is important that all new staff know what you are trying to achieve in your organisation, what your future vision, mission and goals are, what your values are. Understanding this will get new starters (employee) excited about the business they have joined and it also gives them clarity and a sense of purpose, no matter what their role. Something that is a critical strategy in retaining people.

4. Socialization

A large part of employee success comes from how well they fit into your team. So ensure that all new employees have an early opportunity to get to know their new colleagues on a less formal basis, whether it's a quick drink with the team during the first few days or a lunch at noon. It allows them to get to know the team and start to bond with them in the first few days.

5. Be Systematic

It's all very well getting it right once or twice, but to get the induction process right for all new employees, you require a system - a standardized way in which all new employees are introduced into your organisation. So, set up a manual that has step-by-step guidelines for inducting new employees. This way, the quality of an individual's induction is not dependent on you or one member of your team, it will be of a consistently high standard. Many businesses talk a good game about induction but often don't deliver. some organizations simply don't place much importance to it at all. But in my experience first impressions play a big part in hiring people. And like any first impression - for every new employee, you only have one chance to get their induction right - so never don't waste the opportunity.