employee testing and selection

Test Validity The accuracy with which a test, interview, and so on measures what it purports to measure or fulfills the function it was designed to fill.

Criterion Validity A type of validity based on showing that scores on the test (predictors) are related to job performance.

Content Validity A test that is content--valid is one in which the test contains a fair sample of the tasks and skills actually needed for the job in question.

Reliability The characteristic which refers to the consistency of scores obtained by the same person when retested with the identical or equivalent tests.

Expectancy Chart A graph showing the relationship between test scores and job performance for a large group of people.

Work Samples Actual job tasks used in testing applicants' performance.

Work Sampling Technique A testing method based on measuring performance on actual job tasks.

Management Assessment A situation in which management candidates are asked to make Centers decisions in hypothetical situations and are scored on their performance. It usually also involves testing and the use of management games