Example of a 3 Day Employee Induction For Salesman

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Day 1.


HR : 

- Welcome - Contract
- Code Of Business Conduct
- History of the Company
- Organizational Structure

Sales Manager:

- Sales Department Structure Info
- Market Overview
- Basic of Customer Call
- Sales Plan & Monthly Activities

Day 2.  




Channel Manager

- Marketing Segmentation

- Marketing Activities

Brand Manager:

- Brands, Packs, Characteristics
- Marketing promotions

A/R Finance Specialist:

- Accounts Receivable
- Credit Limits
- Credit Days
- Finance Procedures

Day 3:  



- On Route with experience Salesmen
- Customer Calls
- Sales Presentations  
- Merchandising, Positioning
- Finance Settling

Of course, this is just example. In this specific case the part of employee induction On the Route can be longer, and even include Sales Manager for Coaching. Anyway, employee induction program, as an important part of Employee Training, can be adjusted according the need of the position, readiness of newcomer, readiness of coaches, etc.  

After Employee Induction the newcomer is "Ready" for his job! Or is He/She? Of course the learning/development  process continues after employee induction, for a certain period of time, during witch new employee receives various trainings ranging from basic to advance. Employee training is very important since insufficient training can increase the employee turnover.

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